day 30: emilia

thank you to everybody (anybody?) who visited once and awhile to share this project with us and thank you to all our buddies who faced the pressure of picking quotes for us and thank you thank you thank you to kristy for putting up with my crazy ideas and doing this with me every day (almost, kinda). i would share this chocolate bar with you but i already ate it and the tequila is almost gone so...big hugs!

day 30: kristy

ok, so i was totally resistant to this quote...it is the kind of thing that is written on a night shirt that my grandma would give me for my birthday with frilly shoes and silly hats cartooned all over...but in the end, it gave me the excuse to call some friends on a wednesday and say, "wanna go get a margaritas & pretend it's summer!?" it was a lot of fun and to tell the truth, i don't make as much time or allow the frivolity of drinks on a weekday with my friends as much as i should. i am always tired or busy or lazy or something and i think that if i were to be honest about this project in general, i stopped making excuses! so how fitting that this last quote was the embodiment of that idea. for one whole month i was committed to this page (sadly, a major feat) and i will truly miss the quotes, the photos, the light, the searching and the scrambling.

i will ABSOLUTELY miss 7 days a week being in contact with emilia...i will miss the pictures, i will miss the words - cheers!

day 30.

today is the last day of april and thus the last day of use your words, thank you to all who have enjoyed this as project much as we have. today's contribution is from the lovely sera:

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, a Margarita in one hand, chocolate in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, 'Woo hoo! What a ride!'"


day 29: emilia

here it is. the burns. the gaudiest of the gaudiest paintings one might find at a thrift store. but only captain mccool would ever consider actually taking something this hideous home and forcing me to look at day after day after day after...
it has become a conversation starter, inside joke, and, hey let's face it, kind of part of the family and for that reason, and that reason alone, it might not be a true gimcrack.

day 29: kristy

first of all, what a great word! gimcrack...so immediately when i thought of showy, but useless - i thought of these earrings. they are showy, a fabulous chanel creation that was given to me long ago, but as fancy as they are...they are also heavy, unpractical and fake. they speak to the decade from where they came - the 80s - and while i can appreciate them it's usually only in my jewelry box as an nostalgic throwback to the years of excess. in the end, they are too big and fly off of my ears when i move my head because of their weight...gimcrack.

day 29

today's word from dictionary.com:

gimcrack \JIM-krak\, noun:1. A showy but useless or worthless object; a gewgaw.
adjective:1. Tastelessly showy; cheap; gaudy.


day 28: kristy

for those who don't know me - my mother is a dance teacher, i grew up in a house filled with music and ballet barres and mirrored walls. no, not in my living room, but in our basement which was also her studio. i danced my whole life and while i was more comic relief in class, than shining example of grace and technique, i truly loved it. when i moved to college i couldn't sleep at night because it was too quiet, i was used to tap shoes and thundering bass under my pillow. dance will always be a part of me.