day 7: kristy

compartmentalize! well, this one came to me after a short while contemplating how to get inside of the post office to document little mailboxes. second i thought of my dad's tool chest or dance cubbies in my mom's studio, but it was all so boring and then (!) i was reading emilia's blog about having sold another peice of jewelry (yay!) and i thought i should wear my necklace tomorrow...envision my necklace...envision my drawer-o-jewels!

this is one of those $6 cheesy plastic organizers from a big box store that is absolutely marvelous (the divider, not the stores). i have been searching since college for a jewelry box that felt right and finally realized that i didn't want a ginormous furniture type thing BUT that i wanted to be able to see all my options, all at once - so i found this and it fits perfectly into my top drawer. the jig is up - now you know where i keep my valuables, passport and dental floss stockpile now:) this is one place in my room where everything has a place and my most treasured things are on display...for me to see!

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Emilia said...

this is an amazing photo! i love it!