day 2: kristy

ok, today's word was a slam dunk...so i thought....i thought i'll find things in nature growing together, the end! but i spent the day inside or in a car, so tonight i started looking around my house and then i found my formerly sad orchid. a week ago, it was shrively & had mites and was dying, then last week it started to grow a new shoot off of the dying branch and then yesterday i found a bud growing out of the deadish (the yellow part!) leaves at the bottom with two new leaves sprouting out as well. a new plant growing in, through and around the old sickly plant which may in fact be saving the parts that had previously turned brownish...the new & the old, coalescing, joining forces...to bloom another day. yay.

i have to add that two weeks ago, a little boy at school gave me a rock that he found outside while we were having a fire drill. he told me to put it in my garden so it would grow to be beautiful...being april in maine, i am currently sans garden, so i put the rock in my orchid and this was the tipping point for the ailing plant...so while the new and the old coalesce, they were inspired to do so by the rock...

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