day 6: kristy

this post is especially hard today because i am down with a busted back...i woke up this morning thinking i would do a mini road trip and find dilapidated road signs or interesting corner stores...then reality set in. so as i was laying around and thinking about taking a picture of the 3 ladybugs in a row above me...they looked like elipses, the way i always find silences between my words...too much so sometimes:) BUT, by the time i crawled down the hall to my camera, they scurried apart. SO, as i lay down again, i only had to look as far as my wall. this is a painting i did in college called 'in my head' and upon closer inspection you'll see the permanent markered rants of a young me clouded by the raw marks of a sketchbook style self portrait. i thought to myself how silent my expression is for the anger of the words behind the paint on the canvas -
"i'm hungry. NO YOU'RE NOT."
"thin. FAT.
"tie a shirt around your waist and you'll be fine."

clearly i was having a rough time when i set out to my studio that day, but my expression doesn't let on what wasn't so silent in my head.

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