day 8: kristy

well, this one was interesting...i almost called my friends in the area to say, "hey can i buy you a beer...and take your picture?" that would be awkward! so i put on my thinking cap, and thought about who my sane friends are, who my uplifting friends are - mostly, they are one in the same and luckily at this point in my life i have weeded out the crazies...or cuckoo-birds, as i affectionately call them! i wondered how i would show that in a picture - so i thought a logical way is to show the sanes & turn over the crazies like the natural editing process that growing older, growing wiser and growing more sane can be. i haven't gotten to be 28 years old without some hurt feelings or friendships lost, but the telling part is the people who remain, who have been there from the start, who have seen me at my very best and horrible worst. quality, not quantity is the lesson of the day(!) and if i never find another friend, i would be delighted to have chosen my family from the board above.

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