day 4: kristy

ok...so i too struggled with this quote and have high hopes for the next contribution from mr. mccool, BUT alas - a deal is a deal and so here is my best shot at this one, with the cold medicine as my co-pilot! i got to thinking, first of all who does that? who drives their boat far away only to wreck it and plant a garden and hide...(wait...that almost sounds good right now!) - so, i got to thinking of what would i pack in my bag for that trip? i thought, short list of items that i would like to have once hidden (and in this scenario, my busted hull has no electricity, so there in lies the end to the cell phone/ipod debate) so i looked around and thought - what are things that i would like to have besides food or things that will run out and don't serve a purpose while hiding out as a broken boat farmer...i have decided ON:

- a toothbrush
- composition book filled with graph paper (& pencil) so i can chart my garden & whatever
- a scarf (i heart a scarf) which is warmth & comfort & surrender flag material
- plenty of hair elastics (you know if you had just one it would break at sea before ever arriving)
- necco brand canada mints which would help keep my blood sugar up in times of need and make me feel like i was home
- my college quilt that my great-grandmother sadie hand-sewed and hand-quilted for me (yes, it is purple & yellow & i love it)
- palmer's cocoa butter swivel stick



Emilia said...

captain mccool says no more quotes for us. i like what you did with this. very creative!!!

kristy said...

i almost did a post about his obsession with ships aka "the burns" and now this! but the only picture i have is of a long time ago doin the fish sweats dance:)