day 5: kristy

yay spring! today i shared my favorite spring quote and now for another spring star, my magnolia! when i was in college there was a magnolia on campus that i just loved, so when my parents moved out of my childhood home and built a new house, i told them that i would like a window seat in my room and a pink magnolia to be planted...needless to say i did not get the window seat(crushed childhood fantasy), but my plant(/bush/tree?) is too purty for me to care! most of the time though when it is in bloom in the very early (very rainy & dreary) part of spring and i am either not in town OR it pours for days just as the beautiful buds burst open in my most beloved color of deep-fuschia-berry. but as i watch the fuzzy buds appear and each day as the snow melts more, i am hopeful that this will be the year when i can enjoy their loveliness - sans rainy, soggy, melting petals. so here's to the poetry of spring, the way it makes me feel a little like a kid each day as i get excited for the sunshine on my face and the birds singing in the trees - cheers!

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