day 9: kristy

ok, dannikke, this was tricky, tricky and i may have taken the weasel way out but it was better than posting a sign that read, "there is no renaissance in greene, maine." (thanks for the suggestion though sera!) so since i was having a hard time, i googled "renaissance quotes" and found this gem that led me down the path to my picture today:

“I was at this restaurant. The sign said "Breakfast Anytime."
So I ordered French Toast in the Renaissance.”
~Steven Wright

i believe this is also in the movie swingers in some similar form spoken by jon favreau, but ANYWHO! it is even more funny because i am gluten free so i cooked this hoping someone else in my house would eat it. my dad's suggestion? "just cook up one of your gluten free waffles?" to which i replied, "dad, that's not the quote, what am i going to do put it in a french toast suit for the picture?" enough. so needless to say i took a picture of french toast that was taunting me with it's yummy smell just minutes before my bedtime.

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