day 15: kristy

sorry for the cell phone pic, but my digi-cam had an unfortunate run-in with a puddle at the bottom of my purse today...it will dry out and be fine by tomorrow (fingers & toes crossed!) but for today, here we go! since i am sans relationship, i thought i would put together the dvd & ipod compatibility test for the someone i seek. my movies are a mix, but for the most part i need a laugh and i am partial to cheesiness, see preview on the left. i also compiled an ipod collection (because our records got ruined in the flood last year!) that would be the equivalent of my life-soundtrack (simon & garfunkel, the carpenters, madonna, johnny cash), my college mix-tape (the cure, bon jovi, jay-z, wheezer, bob dylan) and my current obsessions (kate havnevik, the wreckers, feist, ingrid michaelson, the bird & the bee).

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