day 10: kristy

unnecessary necessaries! well a pantry is for the most part full of those. besides the grains and spices, our pantry is full of the silly foods - note: mac & cheese, teddy grahams, cheez-its are all on full display. most things in this pantry i can't partake of anymore (the gluten free pantry drawer of our kitchen is WAY boring) but notice the stockpile of my items: hot sauce (the big bottle), salsa (3 jars!), jumbo honey and jumbo all maine maple syrup. the way i look at it, the only necessary items in the kitchen are probably found in your fridge (you know, the veggies hidden behind the squirty whip!).

i think the way that the free dictionary defines necessity is best:
"required by obligation, compulsion, or convention" - this is true of most modern snack food, makeup, shoes, fiction, etc. - all things i took pictures of tonight before choosing the picture with the best lighting.

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