day 25: kristy

ok, so on my last day in new york i have come down with a swollen foot and limp...google-ing and webmd-ing just leave me with anxiety about possible spider bites and/or amputation, but luckily i have had plenty of nurses and tylenol for this unknown ailment. the one good thing about laying around all day with your foot elevated watching DVR is that you can scope out the room and find leftover christmas decorations, like this "let it snow" gem that was still hanging in sera's window. i had to move it out of the window to avoid a glare and as i hung it on the tv case, this scene from bridget jones was playing and it was snowing and ironic and perfect...i only had to rewind it 3xs to get the shot.

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Sera said...

please don't judge me for having a snowman on my window when it's 75 degrees...i'm a busy girl.