day3: kristy

this was my little something that got me through today...for anyone who doesn't know, this has been a hard week for me and for particularly no reason at all i have felt annoyed or "rar" as i like to put it, all week long. today was long - my head is stuffy, my back is a wreck, and there are just NOT enough hours in the day to do everything that i have committed to lately. these are the days when i would have (in my former life) reached for the forbidden cigarettes or chocolate cake and instead i just had to make it through my day to get a touch of starbucks...frown now all you haters, but i was adicted to starbucks on the west coast and weened myself off of it here in maine, but today all i needed to transition from long day into fun night out with some friends was a solo shot, 1 packet of sugar in the raw & a splash of rice milk...it was my deep breath today in between worlds and the most important selfish decision i have made in a while. i was late for a meeting, and stressed from packing up my gluten-free food for the night and delayed by the chiropractor - so what was 15 more minutes in the opposite direction? it's the little things and after a little pocket change and a few extra minutes in the drive-thru, this little thing picked me up and dusted me off from my week of unexplained "rar".

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