day 30: kristy

ok, so i was totally resistant to this quote...it is the kind of thing that is written on a night shirt that my grandma would give me for my birthday with frilly shoes and silly hats cartooned all over...but in the end, it gave me the excuse to call some friends on a wednesday and say, "wanna go get a margaritas & pretend it's summer!?" it was a lot of fun and to tell the truth, i don't make as much time or allow the frivolity of drinks on a weekday with my friends as much as i should. i am always tired or busy or lazy or something and i think that if i were to be honest about this project in general, i stopped making excuses! so how fitting that this last quote was the embodiment of that idea. for one whole month i was committed to this page (sadly, a major feat) and i will truly miss the quotes, the photos, the light, the searching and the scrambling.

i will ABSOLUTELY miss 7 days a week being in contact with emilia...i will miss the pictures, i will miss the words - cheers!

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