day 8: emilia

it doesn't surprise me that kristy and i had similar ideas for this one. friendship and loyalty is very important to both of us. i, however, don't agree with some of this quote (and i think if we're weeding out crazies, kristy, i should be the first to go!). of course there are bad crazies and we don't need those people in our lives dragging around their negativity but then there are the good crazies and i think most of my friends (and, oh yes, that means you too phinney) fall into this category and they are very, very uplifting (and not just with champagne). here are a few of my lovelies getting crazy and lovin' every minute of it.

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kristy said...

HA! great minds think alike:) i agree, keep the good crazies...not the drama crazies!