day 24: kristy

OK! so emilia's post is hard to follow (i MISS you!), but the thing i was enthusiastic about today (but really for about A WEEK) is this meal. my fabulous friend sera, who i am crashing with, has a great BF pete who is a top chef (not the horse & pony show kind like on bravo tv, but the real deal workhorse-one-in-a-million kind). he made me a completely gluten-free feast that i am still stuffed from and we ate it around the coffee table with friends (some VIPs were missing though) - what could be better? not much, the menu included chicken lettuce wraps, guacamole, cucumber salad, matchstick salad, mango salsa & wine. it was YUM. it was better than i can do justice with here in words or pictures and then to cap it off? strawberry sabayon for dessert...wow.

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